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Greetings Fellow Surfer,

Welcome to the stochastically updated Stochastic.com.

The temporal distribution of updates to this site has been shown to be spikey.

So why "Stochastic?" About the time that the word "chaos" was appearing on the tip of the collective popular tongue I was interested in writing programs to make pictures of spiral galaxies, motivated by articles I'd seen in the science press. It was in the course of pursuing this that the word "stochastic" worked its way into my working vocabularly, largely due a to a review article by Seiden & Gerola.

Slowly but slowly, I'm adding things to share here.

More will be revealed.

I hope you enjoy your visit.

- Eric C. Hill     山恆王

Here's part of the range that my domain maps to:

Camera My pictures on Flickr.

Crystal Balls Various ray traced pictures I've created.

Small mandelbrot Some tweaked Mandelbrot set images.

Flow Chart My professional side.

NGC 4414 Some (old) links to space imagery, space science, and some related (and unrelated) material.

A sanitized, snapshot of my bookmarks.

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